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China"s swimsuit manufacturing center, Huludao, Liaoning province, aspires to set the world standard and be a weather vane of the industry, according to the mayor of the city, whose exports found their way to more than 20 countries and regions.

Wang Liwei said a planned production park for swimsuits, covering nearly 1 square kilometer, and an operations park that includes design, research, development and exhibition functions, would accelerate progress toward achieving the goal.

Construction of the production park will start in April and be completed this year, while the operations park - which is expected to attract suppliers of raw materials and high-end workers in design and production from home and abroad - will be completed in 2019, Wang said.

"Such parks will guide industrial participants to move together and show a stronger agglomeration effect to further influence the market and become more competitive," he said.

There are more than 1,200 enterprises in the swimsuit industry in the city, including manufacturers, raw materials suppliers, materials processors, designers and R&D workers. Among them, more than 30 achieved annual sales volumes of more than 20 million yuan ($3.2 million), and five soared to more than 100 million yuan, Wang said.

"Actually, nearly 1 in 9 of the city"s 2.8 million residents work in the swimsuit industry or a related field," he said.

The industry emerged in the city in the early 1980s.

City government data show that 220 million swimsuits were produced last year - 25 percent of the total global market share and 40 percent domestically - which makes the city the largest production base for swimsuits in China, ahead of Yiwu, Zhejiang province, and Jinjiang, Fujian province.

Wang said nearly 30 percent of the swimsuits produced in Huludao are bound for overseas markets, mainly to Russia, the United States and European countries. At least three brands by local businesses have been registered in Italy, France, Russia and South Korea.

Wang mentioned Balneaire, a brand operated by local enterprise Yinghua, which has one factory for production, three companies responsible for sales and more than 30 online stores.

"Balneaire is a registered trademark in the US, Italy, Russia and the Philippines and has obtained 86 patents for its design and utility models," he said.

He also said seven local enterprises have set up 17 warehouses in foreign countries and regions, including the US, Russia, Germany and Spain.

"Such warehouses cut delivery times by 87 percent and international shipping costs by 40 percent," he said.

E-commerce further opened up the international market for the swimsuit industry in Huludao since around 2010, Wang said, adding that its products are available on all the famous domestic and foreign online shopping portals. The city also set up two online shopping platforms specializing in swimsuit products.

An annual swimsuit exhibition, including catwalk shows and design competitions, has been held in Huludao since 2011, attracting dealers and suppliers of raw materials from more than 20 countries and regions, Wang said.

"This year, high-end themed activities - catwalk shows, industry forums and photo exhibitions - will be organized once a month, combining our city"s attractions, such as hot springs and winter swimming, to enhance our global popularity and influence."

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