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Yan Chunfeng, former deputy Party secretary of Guang"an, Sichuan province. 

An official who was thrust into the spotlight over a conflict at his daughter"s kindergarten has been expelled from the Communist Party of China and removed from his post for graft, according to the Sichuan provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on Tuesday.

Yan Chunfeng, former deputy Party secretary of Guang"an, Sichuan province, is being investigated by both the Sichuan disciplinary commission and its supervisory commission for possible violations of the law and Party rules.

Yan attracted public attention in May when a woman - who turned out to be his ex-wife - threatened to get a kindergarten teacher in Chengdu fired after the teacher criticized her daughter for being naughty. A snapshot of a WeChat group chat showed the woman saying to the teacher: "You must apologize to my daughter, or I will let your boss explain to Secretary Yan!"

About a week later, Yan was placed under investigation for alleged serious violations of discipline and law.

According to a statement released by the disciplinary authorities on Tuesday, Yan had lost his faith, had deviated from Party objectives and was disloyal to the Party. He was accused of violating political discipline and of colluding with others to resist the investigation.

In addition, he allegedly violated the organization"s disciplines and didn"t report personal matters to the Party, including the status of his marriage, housing and stock market holdings. He was also accused of violating discipline and accepting gifts and cash.

According to the statement, he traded his power for money and borrowed money from companies and individuals for purchasing real estate and investing in stocks.

Moreover, he took advantage of his job to gain benefits for others, then accepted huge bribes in return.

"He seriously violated the Party"s rules and was involved in criminal acts. He didn"t restrain his behaviors after the 18th CPC National Congress, so he is subject to serious punishment," the statement said.

The Sichuan provincial supervisory commission has confiscated Yan"s assets and will transfer evidence of criminal wrongdoing to prosecutors.

Since late 2012, when the new leadership was elected, anti-corruption has been a top priority for the country. More than 400 high-ranking officials have been investigated.


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